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18 April 2013 - Chi Recordings

  • Ting Kang
  • Dust
  • Terryfying Mind
  • Rise And Fall
  • Answers
  • Honey Slow Down
  • Personal Faith
  • Distant
  • In The Shell

Odd music usually either suck, or is off the hook, there's barely anything in between. Now this couple called ANEZ is odd for sure.

Their vision is upfront, and admittedly artistic. They would embrace every kind of sounds, as there is no nasty or nice to their perception. Details such as unusual harmonies, unique sounds don't always make Dust an easy listening, it deserve elaboration. And if you are willing to do that, you'll find yourself wandering between the extremes, from meditative state to complete madness.

This isn't the first time we take up not strictly electronic music: the emphasis is on the way of expression and the message. ANEZ points out to further possibilities in alternative music, that there are still uncharted territories to discover, and we totally support this kind of approach.